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Wednesday, 25. July 2007
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Sunday, 17. June 2007
GameCloud Preview- With Beta of the game!
Wednesday, 01 February 2006
GameCloud have released a new preview for Empire at War after playing the full beta version of the game. They have had a good chance to play through it and here is an extract of what they have to to say:

The campaign modes have actual storylines for both playable sides but the more unique galactic conquest mode is the one aspect of Empire at War that really make this RTS game different from the crowd. Basically it blends the fast paced action of RTS games with the slower pace of traditional space strategy games like Galactic Civilizations or Master of Orion...


Make sure you have a read.

Ulitmate Mod Team Announced
Wednesday, 01 February 2006
Calling All Modders, Calling All Modders. You Are Needed! Have You Had Success at Modding the Demo of Empire At War? Do You Enjoy Your Work? Do You want to create one of the Biggest Mods which will ever grace the EAW Modding Scene? If That's a Yes then You Are In Luck!

Augunt is Compiling the Ultimate Mod Team to Build the Ultimate Empire At War Mod. To Make this Mod he will be needing Many Modders and you can be one of those!
This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


On Another Note

I would like to know about people who have been Abused by Moderators and Administers at LucasForums. People are being banned for posting updates to there mods, and Moderators and Admin's are Swearing at Users.

"He Told Him to read the $^&%*! Rules" - || Steven ||(Banned for Updating his mod at LucasForums)

Tuesday, 31 January 2006

okay star-wars-fans,
I have some realy good news!

Until the release of sw eaw, I thought we could try some fanfiction ideas. Maybe there could grow a mod from these idea's?
I already posted a thread in our forum, with some idea's, and previews of my ideas.
If you like it, please post your comments there.


Eurogamer Preview
Tuesday, 31 January 2006
Eurogamer have released a new preview of Empire at War and it is definately worth a read. I expect the amount of previews released to slowly tail away shortly as the release date draws closer. So for all we know this may be one of the last main previews released - so make the most of it :)
Nice little extract:

Tying both of those game modes together is the other great thing about Empire At War - namely the decision to create a Total War style campaign, where rather than simply being led by the hand from battle to battle, you actually define the sweep of the war across the galaxy by your own actions. Interestingly, Petroglyph has opted to create standard single-player campaigns for both the Imperial and Rebel sides as well, but for most players I suspect that the real meat of the game is to be found in the full-size campaign.


Get over to our forums and get joined up! And don't feel shy to post a new topic, the more the better! :)

Empire at War vs. Battle for Middle Earth 2
Tuesday, 31 January 2006
As a lot of you will know from various forums there is a lot of rivalry between fans of EAW and Battle for Middle Earth 2. Over at Voodoo Extreme there is a poll entitled 'Which former Westwood dev team has the better game?' and currently EAW is leading at over 1000 votes while BFME2 is way back with 700 votes. It will be interesting to see how these figures change over the next few days.

The battle of the former child TV stars is on! Err, former Westwood / Command & Conquer teams, that is. One of them (Battle for Middle Earth) is what remains from the initial takever at EA, the other (Empire at War) is a start up studio called Petroglyph based out in Vegas where it all began. Who will win? You make the call in this week's VE poll -- vote on your right!


Make sure you get over there and cast your vote... your vote for EAW I should say... :P

Just a Heads Up
Tuesday, 31 January 2006
Hey, Theres been several comments about the download link not working for EAW:WM - Full - The Warlord Mod 1.3 "Zaarin" so i have added another download link which I have tested and it works. so there you go, have fun using that mod.

The File can be Found Here

New IGN Preview
Saturday, 28 January 2006
IGN have released a new EAW preview which, amongst other things, has details on the campaigns in the game. It takes a really in-depth look at the way the campaigns work and it is definately worth a read. They have also included a load of new screenshots for us all to enjoy :)
Here is a little extract of the preview:

The campaign begins with Darth Vader looking to track down a loose cannon in the Empire's ranks. There's a traitor informant lurking and Darth doesn't exactly appreciate tattletales. So the first order of business is to crush a planet hoping to find the traitor while having fun blowing things up at the same time. Before too long, Vader and crew are spreading the power of the Empire throughout the entire galaxy.


Also I would like to apologise for not posting any news recently but I can safely say that I will continue to update the site daily (if there is news to post) for as long as I am here at EAWCC.

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