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Demo Mods live!
Saturday, 21 January 2006

Seeing as how there are already several fun little mods for the newly released demo, we've set up a section on the site to collect them. Check them out and have a ball! They should add great replayability to the already fun demo.

Bryants Mod
Written by Thrawniejoe   
Saturday, 21 January 2006

I came across Bryants Mod for the Star Wars: Empire At War Demo on the Lucasforums and its quite a mod.... tons of features that will make the wait for Empire at war's release easier. I recommend everyone should try this mod!


This is Release 1 of Bryants Mod. This mod edits the EaW Demo WITHOUT tampering with the exe file in any way.

Features (All meaning all that are in the demo):
Full Universe
All Buildings
All Fighters
Imperial AI
Trade Routs
Aggresive Imperials who ATTACK YOU. (For Some Reason only they only do it on hardmode)
Whats New?:
No More Death Star
New Rebel Units
Empire Unlocked
All Empire Tech
Realistic EaW Campain
Pirate Fleets

Please give all credit to Bryant Malaski ( This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it )


Download Here (Requires Winzip or WinRar)

Development Chat Details
Saturday, 21 January 2006

A post over at the Lucasarts EAW forums confirm the details of the development chat that is going to take place on the 23rd of this month. Here is what [LEC] Rogue said:


That?s right as the sign says we have a dev chat scheduled for this Monday January 23rd!

The dev chat will be hosted right here at the EAW forums and open to registered members. The chat will be from 4pm ? 5:30pm (pacific) with designers Chris Rubyor and Joe Bostic, Programmer Mike Legg (tentative) and more!

Get some questions ready, additional details coming soon!


Here is the thread.
Also make sure you get over to our forums and get joined up. Preview/ Demo Review
Thursday, 19 January 2006

There is a new preview over at that tells those of us who have not downloaded the demo yet what it involves but also what think of it. It is definately worth a read so make sure you check it out. Here is an extract of what was said:


At over 700MB it will take you a couple minutes to grab [how true :P], but it's worth waiting for. We've had a couple days to play around with it already and have a good feeling you're going to like what you see, but wish that there was more.


Make sure you get over to our forums and get joined up!
Also take a look at Zeek's Review which gives us all the good and bad points of the demo.
Demo Review!
Thursday, 19 January 2006
Hey there, this is your new Mod Reporter popping in, and I thought I'd kick it off by writing a nice little review of my day with the Empire at War demo. Read on, and please do comment. Ring me up by email, This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it Enjoy!
Demo Released!!
Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Update: I took some screenshots of the demo in action for those of you who havent downloaded it yet. Head over to the Demo Screenshot Page to see.

The Star Wars: Empire at War DEMO IS OUT!! Head over to Gamespot and get downloading!! We will have the demo on the site eventually... it is taking a very long time to download at the moment but it is worth the wait.

Below is a list of mirrors that I will update as I find them.

Empire At War Files
Torrent Link

Demo FAQ is up!
Wednesday, 18 January 2006

[LEC] Rogue has posted the Demo FAQ up at the Lucasarts Forums.



When does the EAW Demo come out?
The Star Wars: Empire at War Demo is available for download as of Wednesday January 18th 2006. A disc version will also be included with the March issues of several popular gaming magazines.

Where can I find the EAW Demo?
The main download sites will be GameSpot initially with a 9am – 12pm exclusivity window, followed by File Planet, GameSpy, Lucasfiles and Gamesrader (by Feb 1st). Several other websites including many of our fansites will likely mirror the download fairly soon after release as well. Lastly, the Demo will also be available on disc in the March issues of PC Gamer, CGW and Maximum PC.

How big is the EAW Demo?
The Star Wars: Empire at War Demo is about 750mb.

Why is the demo so large? 750mb is a lot to download and I have a slow connection.
As technology has improved over the years, the quality of the games coming out has also improved resulting in bigger games and bigger demos for those games. In order for the Star Wars: Empire at War Demo to run properly, we had to provide the necessary code and assets it needs which is about 750mb. If downloading is a problem, the demo will also be available on disc through the March issues of several popular gaming magazines.

Head to here see more
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