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Wednesday, 25. July 2007
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Sunday, 17. June 2007
Another update...
Saturday, 07 January 2006
Once again the Official Lucasarts EAW site has been updated with several new things, these include the Sarlaac Pit, which I was pleased to see, as I was always a fan of the Sarlaac scene in ROTJ. Boba Fett has also been added to a lot of fans delight. There are plenty of things to look at and read so make sure you take a look.
Demo Anticipation increases yet again...
Tuesday, 03 January 2006

With the new release date for the demo of Empire at War now at 'early January' anticipation is starting to build again. Over at Lucasarts Forums many people are disappointed with the developers of the demo and fear that the current release date should be taken lightly. I expect the demo to arrive in the next few weeks but at the moment it is anyone's guess and the best thing we can do is be patient :) We will let you know as soon as we hear anything because I am sure a lot of people are anxious to get their hands on the demo... I know I am.

Venator confirmed once again
Friday, 30 December 2005

There's been a huge debate about if the Venator has been removed from the game or not. Well a German PC Magazine has published new screenshot showing off the Venator in battle.

Head here to check it out.

Interview with Audio Director/Composer Frank Klepacki
Friday, 30 December 2005

Inverview with Star Wars: Empire At War Audio Director/Composer Frank Klepacki over at Music 4 Games.


Our game takes place just before Episode 4, A New Hope, so I stuck with the original trilogy music direction. Obviously with John Williams' soundtracks, it was easy for me to sort out which themes should go where, and I used as much of the OT soundtracks as I could with very few prequel selections. Mainly for environment types - for example, the desert planets play Tatooine music, icy planets play Hoth music, etc. But for some environments where we're not as familiar, like swamp or volcanic planets, I would choose these environments to add in my own themes, as well as in space. With the amount of space battles we have, I really needed to create more themes to round out space for as often as you're battling there.

Head here to check it out.
Lucasarts Empire At War Gameplay FAQ
Saturday, 24 December 2005

Over at the Lucasarts EAW forums the Gameplay FAQ for Empire at War has been released. It is really informative and answers a lot of questions. One part that I found interesting was about the game AI. It is good to know that the game will feature a very smart AI that responds to your moves, even if it anticipates what you are about to do, with a mixture of hit and run tactics, rushing etc. The FAQ covers almost all the aspects of the game including the pop cap (which a lot of people have been complaining about), the different types of units, and the different types of gameplay. It is definitely worth looking at. Here is a link.

New Preview at - Lots of questions answered.
Friday, 23 December 2005 has recently updated their EAW section with a preview of the game. It answers a lot of questions that have been floating around many forums as well. The following bit is quite interesting as it refers to the use of the Death Star...

Ok, so blowing up a planet was still one of the first things to do, but this time with a little more attention paid to what else was going on around it. The Death Star may be powerful, but it is also vulnerable. Before bringing it into orbit around a rebel planet you'll want to assemble a fleet, including some star destroyers no doubt, to ensure it survives until that climactic moment. Building up like that constitutes much of what you do on the galactic map. Each planet you control comes with slots to build facilities and ten spaces for your standing army on the ground (additional troops can be kept on transports in orbit, but ten is the max on the surface).

It is a good read mainly because it is one of the most recent previews and talks about things we have not heard of yet. Find it here

Official Empire at War site updates
Friday, 23 December 2005

The official Empire at War site has recently been updated with loads of information on different unit types, including the planets, weapons, fleets etc. featured in the game. The troops section of the site features updated information on Expanded Universe characters. A lot of new information has been added inspired by aspects of the Expanded Universe, these include Kyle Katarn for example who we saw recently in one of the updated videos from the site. Here is a link it is definitely worth looking at.

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