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A Galaxy Divided V3 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by thrawniejoe   
Monday, 18 June 2007

A Galaxy Divided V3
Note: The 3.1 patch is at the bottom

Created By Sonic0
Description:First of all i would just like to say this mod is completley un cannon, then I would like to thank all the individuals that this mod would not be possible without.

*Ex-lead modler:ArucarD-who converted well over 20 models for this mod, and skinned some of them.
*LeadSkinner:Schrodinger--who reskinned Count dooku, jango fett, anakin, young oni-wan, and jangos slave 1, also created several icons.
*Avenger:for letting me use his hexed DSII model,and for letting us use the mediator model and icons, with base coding.
Swfan56-- for letting me use the CIS icons avenger made and gave to him.
*Roskov--For reskinning the podwalker, pirate skiff, swamp speeder and CIS Shock trooper.
Blue Lobster--enlarged all the GC space maps, created the GC maps. a galaxy divided, and revenge of the CIS, also fixed all skirmish maps to play with the CIS.
Woodyman--provided detailed information on many EU ships.
Codeuser-for convertung the M-104
*Awof- for converting the m-104 to .3ds from .opt, and for making the eclipse model.
*Dark Empire SPG-for letting me use the eclipse before anyone else.

Members with * are officaily part of or affiliated with the Galaxy Divided Team.

Also Winrar may be required for everything to work right, you can get winrar here.

just place the audio, xml, art, and text files into you Empireatwar/gamedata/data folder

Optimal setting (if you dont use settings close to these certain thing will not appear right, it shouldnt cause much lag todo this, since up until the end of the mod, i hasd these settings on a 6 year old computer.)
Texture Detail needs to be on max
Geometry detail needs to be low, but not all the way --{-}------------ about there on the deometry detail bar.

To acess these level settings, go into your options/video/advanced on your pause menu while playing EAW

This is how you go about selecting the CIS, left click the team select box, when it opens, left click it agian and hold the button down, then use the mouse wheel to scroll down to the CIS, the harder way is to click the very bottom of the box, below where it says Empire.

Generally fixes many bugs and icon problems in V2.1

Changes in V3
Fully Fuctional mini-DSII used by palpatine in space.
New Heroe-Anakin Skywalker, replaced at Tech lvl 3 by vader
Clone Troopers, replaced at Tech lvl 3 by stormtroopers
Shutter Shield can be built on cetain planets
Lancer-class Frigate
Mandator Cruiser
Eclipse SSD
Vengeance SSD
Sovriegn SSD
Titan Heavy cruiser
World Devestator
TIE Droid
Chiss clawcraft
fixes vader glitch, he is now escorted by tie avengers.
All new units are in skirmish, except the sovriegn and DSII. (sovriegn may be invluded later though)
Royal guards buildible on coruscant and alderaan
Empire units only in skirmish--most at merchant dock!
Virago Fighter squadron
Merchant Gunboat
Imperial Gunship
Arc-170 fighter squadron
V-wing squadron
munificent cruiser
vulture droid

The Rebel Alliance

Mediator Cruiser
Bothan Assault frigate
Bulwark Cruiser
Home One resized
Obi-wan uses eta-2 jedi interceptor in space battles.
Obi-wan has stealth.
New heroe--young obi-wan kenobi,replaced at tech lvl 3 by old kenobi.
Rebel Skirmish units
The Liberator
Eta-2 squadron
Arc-170 squadron
V-wing squadron

The Confederacy of Indepedent Systems (CIS)

Death Star
Invisible Hand
Slave 1
Technounion Destroyer
Providence class cruiser
lucrehulk mobile command ship.
recuscant class cruiser
Genosian pinneace
munificent-class frigate
Diamond-class frigate
CIS corvette
Vulture Droid
Genosian nantex fighter
Technounion fighter
Space stations
Hidden asteroid base
Lucrehulk core ship
Ground units
Plex Shocktrooper
Field Commander
Shocktrooper Assasin
Shocktrooper bodyguard(cant build them, they come with dooku)
Count Dooku
Jango Fett
Vulture Droid Ground attack fighter
CIS Skiff
CIS Pod walker
CIS swamp speeder
Ground Structures
Command Center
Turbo lasers
Reseach facility
mining facility
superhypervelocity gun

New Features

The Eclipse Superlaser:A horrifying weapon, the superlaser aboard the eclipse is percise enough to remove a rebel base from a planet surface, without destroying the whole planet,It will replace your bombing run during the groundbattle, use it to erradicate the rebellion from the surface.(can only beused with the eclipse in orbit)
Sovriegn SSD--destroys planets much like the DS
World Devestators-These horrors of the empire can fight in space and land! in space any unit that gets near thier underside will be destroyed, they also have the ability to "Eat" any unit in a small range, that will recharge about every 30 seconds, on ground the will also destroy anything in thier foward arc, in both space and land battle they will pump out TIE droids.
Orbital Bombardment--move a capital ship in orbit of a planet to use orbital bombardment during the ground battle(this is the CIS "bombing run")

Thats the main underlines of it, but theres more!

Changes in V2.1
Fixed the icon bug that made half the icons disappear.
Fixed it so the MC80 has a icon to begin with.
Fixed prices on some of the units i made typos on.

Changes in 2.0 -----The GOOD, AWSOME CHANGES
Galactic Empire
Tie Interceptor
Tie Defender
Tie Avenger
Escort Frigate
Mara Jade
Vader is stronger in space and land.
Death Star now has 2 different super lasers, swith between them with the rocket button. (palpatine's DeathStar)
SSD has a death sequence

Rebel Alliance
Rebel Carrier
Nebulon B frigate MK.II
MC80 Cruiser
Kyle Katarn and his moldy crow now usable.
Fixed the engine glow on Calamari cruisers
Calamari X-1 toned dow a LITTLE bit.
I think thats it but i may be leaving out stuff.

Changes and fixes in V1.1
Pirate units no longer buildible, they were causing too many problems.
Fixed glitch on the Imperial Gunship that made it invincible.
Fixed glitch that made the mini death star invincible, and gave it a betterlooking laser.
took out the virago, i'm having to debug its entry so it works.
Vader is a stronger than before.
Super hypervelocity gun charges faster, and does a little more damage.
Barracks now spawn 3 squads of storm troopers, 2 squads of navy troopers, 2 scoutbikes, and 2 pod walkers.
New imperial space outpost.
Executor-class SSD-can only build 3
improved piets energy weapon.
can no build ground Tie bombers and fighters. 2 bombers per squadron can build 3 squadrons at a time.
New navy trooper ground unit, you can build it with a level 1 space station, is on the space tab.
space cap raised to 35
I think thats about it.

Home one is slightly less powerful and has a smaller escort.
New Home two unit, used by obi-wan during space battles.
New Liberator unit used by Mon Mothma during space battles.
New Mon Calamari X-1 unit, you can only build 3.
Venetor is slightly improved.
pirate units are no longer available.
Obi-wan is stronger on the ground then before.
Barracks now spawn 3 squads of infantry, 3 squads of plex soldiers, and 2 pod walkers.
New rebel space outpost.
Heavy ion cannon is more powerfull.
New Y-wing buildible ground squad, 2 per squad, can build 3 squads at a time.
New X-wing buildible ground squad,3 per squad, can build 5 squads at a time.
New rebel comm. jammer, increases FOW for your enemy by 60%.
i think thats it.

General changes
Coruscant's income is 500, its pop. cap is 50
Alderran's income is 500, it's pop cap is 50

Known Bugs in V3
One some instances whn playing the GC map closing on coruscant the ai will take over in all tactical battles, which will confuse the game and normally will eventually result in an exception.
CIS technology level upgrades do not work yet, so always start on 5, or you will be stuck on the tech level you start on.
pilots on the swampspeeder and CIS plex soldoersstill have dreadlocks, i cant fix this so unless schrodinger gets back before its released it will have to stay like that.
Some of the new icons may be odly shaped, and some of the new sound FX may be a little choppy.
not all GC maps support the cis, all of them support the cis except 4, the lines are drawn, kuat shipyards, and two more.. there is also one GC map made just to played as the CIS, its called demo campaign.
Will use the empires hologram messages, dont know if there is a way around that or not.
Sometimes a Random exception will occur when you quit a GC map as the CIS, also will happen whwn you auto resolve ground battles when playing as the CIS.
If you dicover any more bugs please tell me.

Special thanks and props.
Thanks to Evilejedi for letting all modders use warlord models.
Thanks to the LOW team for thier awsome SSD model and for free releasing it for all to use.
Thanks to bailknight for letting me use his MC80 model and death animations for the SSD.
Huge thanks to stiener's modding for the models and partial coding of the following units:
b-wing, e-wing, tie interceptor,defender and avenger, dreadnoughts, escort frigate, rebel carrier, and the nebulon II, and also thanks to them for the great icons that came with them.
Thanks to dfeeds for letting me use his 4 new .mp3 soundtracks for eaw And his clone trooper skin.
Thanks to blackknight for converting the titan cruiser
Thanks to keeper-of-faith for converting the eta-2 and arc-170
Think thats everyone, if im forgeting please let me know and i will gladly change it.

Legal stuff
You may not plug in, copy, or redistribute any thing in AGD without MY permission, if the unit is in the special thanks and props section you absolutley may NOT use it without the model creators permission, and even then you may not use my coding without getting MY permission, Absolutley NO ONE AT ALL may use the eclipse, so dont even ask, Dark Empire will free release it soon if you have questions, post them here.
Bottom line, you may not use or copy anything in this mod without asking me.

Questions, comments? email them to me at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Also i am always looking for more team members, if your interested send an application to the above adress, with what position you would like, and maybe some of your past work.

Size: 130.94 MB
Download link:

A Galaxy Divided (V3)
Size 2.96 MB
Get The 3.1 Patch here:

A Galaxy Divided Patch (3.1)

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