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PHOENIX RISING V1.0 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by thrawniejoe   
Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Starfighter Mini-Mod

I. Overview
II. Installation Instructions
III. Features
IV. Known Issues
V. Credits
VI. Legal

I. Overview

Phoenix Rising is a partial conversion for Star Wars: Empire at War:
Forces of Corruption. Our goal is to provide a unique strategic
experience within the Galaxy. To that end, we have developed an
asynchronous tech tree. Not only will you be tested tactically, you
will also be pressed to keep up in the technological race that
characterizes war.

Thank you for downloading us and trying us out. If you spot any bugs or
imbalances, or just want to hang out with fellow players, drop by the
official forums, which can be reached through the website at

II. Installation Instructions

1. Extract the archive to ..Forces of CorruptionMods.
2. Open the Phoenix_Rising_Starfighter_Mini-Mod folder.
3. Right-click the Phoenix Rising shortcut and go to Properties.
4. In both the Target and Start In fields, change the path to
where your copy of Forces of Corruption is installed.
5. Click OK.
6. Double-click the shortcut to play!

III. Features

Two playable factions: the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the
Galactic Empire.

All space units converted to canonical stats. Twelve completely new
ship classes:

* Alpha-class Xg Star Wing
* BTL K-wing
* Carrack-class Light Cruiser
* CC-7700 Frigate
* CC-9600 Frigate
* Dodonna-class Assault Frigate
* Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
* E-wing
* Gamma-class ATR Assault Transport
* Republic-class Star Destroyer
* TIE Avenger
* XM Nova Wing

And two remodeled:

* Imperial-class Star Destroyer
* Venator-class Star Destroyer

Asynchronous Tech Tree fully implemented for fighters and bombers;
partially implemented for other classes:


* Fighter: Z-95 Headhunter - T-65 X-wing - R-22 Spearhead / RZ-1
A-wing - E-wing
* Bomber: BTL Y-wing - B-wing - BTL K-wing
* Transport: Barloz-class Medium Freighter - Gamma-class ATR
Assault Transport
* Freighter: GR-75 Medium Transport
* Corvette: CR90 Corvette - DP20 Gunship
* Frigate: EF Nebulon-B Escort Frigate - CC-9600 Frigate
* Cruiser: Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser - CC-7700 Frigate -
Dodonna-class Assault Frigate
* Battleship: Republic-class Star Destroyer
* Capital: Liberty-class MC80 Star Cruiser
* Dreadnought: Independence-class MC120 Star Cruiser


* Fighter: T.I.E. Starfighter / TIE Fighter - TIE Advanced x1 /
TIE Advanced x2 / TIE Avenger - TIE Advanced x3 / TIE Interceptor
- TIE Advanced x7 / TIE Defender - XM Nova Wing
* Bomber: TIE Targeter / TIE Bomber - Alpha-class Xg Star Wing
* Transport: Lambda-class T-4 Shuttle - GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat -
Sentinel-class Landing Craft - Gamma-class ATR Assault Transport
* Freighter: Action IV Transport
* Corvette: IPV System Patrol Craft - CR90 Corvette
* Frigate: Carrack-class Light Cruiser - EF Nebulon-B Escort
* Cruiser: Acclamator-class Assault Ship - Dreadnaught-class Heavy
Cruiser - Immobilizer 418 Cruiser
* Battleship: Victory-class Star Destroyer - Venator-class Star
* Capital: Imperial-class Star Destroyer
* Dreadnought: Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought

New and expanded heroes:


* Ackbar - fleet commander, Independence-class combat bonus,
B-wing research price reduction. Pilots a B-wing if caught in
space combat without capital ships.
* Bail Organa - CR90 combat bonus, price reduction, stealth, spy.
* C-3PO - land hero, stealth, spy.
* Chewbacca - land hero, stealth, smuggler. Co-pilots the Falcon
in space combat.
* Garm Bel Iblis - land hero, field commander, fleet commander,
Dreadnaught-class combat bonus. Pilots Gargantuan in land combat.
* Han Solo - land hero, stealth, smuggler. Pilots the Falcon in
space combat.
* Jan Dodonna - Republic-class combat bonus, find weakness versus
dreadnoughts, A-wing research price reduction.
* Kyle Katarn - land hero, stealth, assassin. Pilots the Crow in
space combat.
* Leia Organa - fleet commander, hero combat bonus.
* Luke Skywalker - land hero, wing commander. Pilots X-wing in
space combat.
* Mon Mothma - field commander, fleet commander, build time
* Obi-Wan Kenobi - land hero, stealth. Pilots V-wing in space
* R2-D2 - land hero, stealth, spy.
* Wedge Antilles - wing commander, X-wing combat bonus. Pilots
X-wing in space combat.
* Yoda - land hero.


* Bast - fleet commander, find weakness versus starfighters.
* Boba Fett - land hero, stealth, assassin. Pilots Slave I in
space combat.
* Cronal (Blackhole) - stealth, spy.
* Darth Vader - land hero, wing commander, TIE Avenger research
price reduction. Pilots TIE Avenger in space combat.
* Firmus Piett - fleet commander, Imperial-class combat bonus.
* Maarek Stele - wing commander. Pilots XM Nova Wing in space
* Mara Jade - land hero, stealth, assassin. Pilots Z-95 in space
* Maximilian Veers - land hero. Pilots AT-AT in land combat.
* Palpatine - land hero, field commander, fleet commander, build
time reduction.
* Rom Mohc - land hero, field commander, droid combat bonus.
Commands Arc Hammer in space combat.
* Sate Pestage - land hero, price reduction.
* Soontir Fel - wing commander, TIE Interceptor combat bonus.
Pilots TIE Interceptor in space combat.
* Thrawn (Mitth'raw'nuruodo) - fleet commander, Dreadnaught-class
combat bonus, find weakness versus capitals, XM Nova Wing research
price reduction, spy.
* Wilhuff Tarkin - fleet commander, unable to retreat.

IV. Known Issues

* Pirate starbase occasionally is not destroyed after a successful
raid on the planet (especially when both the raid force and the
pirates are wiped out in auto-resolve and you conquer the planet
with a stealth unit), which can cause an exception and crash.
* AI likes to build tons of Hutt Palaces, despite the perception
equation for it (should only build one per planet max).
* AI non-combat heroes rarely attach to their LUA-assigned
* Non-land heroes show up as their transports if they participate
in a land battle with no buildings to attach to.
* Engine particles disappear when Power To Engines unit ability is
* Ion hull impact particle always spawns at (0, 0, 0) instead of
on the hull.
* Lambda-class T-4 Shuttle and Sentinel-class Landing Craft have
mis-rigged firing bones and their weapons are temporarily set to
turreted to get them to fire forward.
* Action IV Transport, Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing, Barloz-class
Medium Freighter, TIE Avenger, and Z-95 Headhunter all lack
landing animations.
* New models lack death clones.
* Upgrades do not acknowledge
tag on starbases (just
research facilities).
* EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate does not acknowledge missile
target bones for firing missiles (only lasers).

V. Credits


Project Leader
Phoenix Rising


Lead Designer
Phoenix Rising


Lead Programmer
Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising


EvilleJedi (

EvilleJedi (

Phoenix Rising

Special thanks to Loth Don and slornie.

Extra-special thanks to (

VI. Legal

This mod may not be redistributed without written consent from the
authors. All content cannot be used in any other mod without explicit
permission from the authors of said content.

Star Wars is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Phoenix Rising is
in no way associated with Petroglyph or LucasArts. All other material
copyright Phoenix Rising (Chris Chandler) 2007.

Size: 31.27 MB
Download link:
Phoenix Rising MiniMod (V1.0)

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