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FOC Additions 4.0 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by thrawniejoe   
Saturday, 30 June 2007

FOC Additions 4.0

In this release, the team has added more things whilst adjusting other current things, the majority of these are to the Newly renamed 'Pirate Alliance'

full list below.

FoC_Additions Team: Swcorpinox73 - Mod Creator, Lead Coder
knivesdamaster - Coder, Skinner

A list of thing added and altered (1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 are included)

Zann Consortium:
Changed names of ships back to original ones and added speech patterns 1.0
Added flagship for Urai Fen 1.0
Changed abilities of Tybers flagship (blast to bribe) 1.0
***Added Eclipse in skirmish*** 1.0 *** 3.0 Now for Imps***
Corrected speech patterns of interceptor 4 1.0
expanded texts on some units an heros 2.0
fixed problem of capital ships buildable on all planets 2.0
Added Zann-Class Fighter-Bomber 3.0
Added unique Consortium Capital Ship Radar Icon 3.0
Added Silri's advanced flagship 3.0
Added Valgarochi (New Hero) 3.0
Changed SFX for Hounds Tooth laser fire 4.0
Changed Silri's Krayt Destroyer to fire Unique MegaWeapon Projectile 4.0
Reskined Valgarochi and His Ship 4.0
Reskined Urai and Silris Flagships 4.0

Galactic Empire:
Added Executor to skirmish 1.0
Added Death Star 2 to skirmish 1.0
Made Noghri better 1.0
changed defense satelittes to tractor, ion, and turbolaser 2.0
added At-At Mk II prototype 2.0
improved thrawn with new ability and improved (a lot!!!) flagship 2.0
added more at-at weapons 2.0
changed scale of slave 1 landing 2.0
Improved and balanced At-At Mk II and added as transport 3.0
Added Shocktrooper 3.0
Increased Boba Fetts Damage 3.0
added blue turblasers for Acclamator 3.0
added Mara Jade to all GC's 3.0
Enlarged Squadrons 4.0
Added Blue Lasers to Acclamator 4.0
Added Imperial II Class Star Destroyer 4.0
Added EX-F Experimental Star Destroyer 4.0
Improved Probe Droids 4.0
Adjusted Guardian Stormtroopers (Spawn from At-At MKII) 4.0
Speeder Bikes can now capture things (Reinforcement Point, Ect...) 4.0
Changed SDD to Piett Hero and Vader back to Squadron hero 4.0
Added Shadowtroopers (Blackhole Stormtroopers) 4.0
Added Blackhole Hero to replace Accuser 4.0
Improved Tie Defenders 4.0
Removed Grand Moff Tarkin from All GCs (Well he is dead, and kind of pointless anyway!) 4.0
Added Shields to P2 and P3 Darktroopers and made P3 tougher

Rebel Alliance:
Added mass driver marauder 2.0
added kyle katarn to space skirmish 2.0
added Duo defense satelite 2.0
added red, gold, green, and grey groups for recruitment *only at yavin* 2.0 *3.0*
improved rogue squadron a lot 2.0
added b-wing and mc30 frigate to conquest 2.0
Added CC7700 Interdictor Frigate 2.0 or 3.0 (can't remember which)
Added Garm bel Iblis' Flagship 3.0
Added Anti Air T4-B 3.0
Added Kyle Katarn to all GC's 3.0
Improved all starfighters with secondary weapons 4.0
Improved Katarn in Space 4.0
Added Tani Abl'ya (New Hero) 4.0
Improved All Starfighters 4.0
Changed Ion Cannon Projectile 4.0

Pirate Alliance:

Added new faction 'Hutts', units listed below: 3.0
venator battleship 3.0
turbolaser marauder 3.0
IPV 3.0
corellian corvette (Removed Ver 4.0) 3.0
v-wing squadron 3.0
hutt space station 3.0
twi lek mercenary 3.0
pod walker 3.0
swamp speeder 3.0
pirate skiff (acts as transport) 3.0
hutt field commander 3.0
Jabba (faction leader) 3.0
Com station 3.0
Hutt command center 3.0
Shield Generator 3.0
Added Dreadnaught capital ship 4.0
Improved Venator Battleship 4.0
2 new Hutt Heros 4.0
Added Xizor 4.0
Added Mighella 4.0
Added Arc-170 Fighter Bombers 4.0
Improved V-Wing Fighters 4.0
Added Pirate Bombers 4.0
Made 5 levels of space station (Special Weapon at Level 5) 4.0
Added a few types of Mercenaries 4.0
Added Podracing Arena 4.0
Added Watto and his stolen ships 4.0
Added Grand Arena 4.0
Added Specific Faction Taunts 4.0
Added Black Sun Skyhook 4.0
Added their own Defence Satellites 4.0
Added Lucrehulk Ships 4.0
Added Jabba's Rancor as Hero 4.0
Added The Katana Dreadnaught 4.0
Added Droid Control Ship 4.0
Removed Hutt Correlian Corvette 4.0

!!!Now PLAYABLE in Space Skirmish!!! 4.0


changed skirmish colours and max credits 1.0
Added more planets that can build capital ships 2.0
added mandalorian commando for training on mandalore 2.0
changed space skirmish starting units 2.0
Increased skirmish pop caps (land + space) 3.0
Changed Skirmish tech upgrade to go in upgrade build queue (instead of production) 3.0
Added and changed space skirmish defence Satelites 3.0
Changed Holo briefing for Imps and Cons (i.e. stormtrooper to imp officer) 3.0
Changed Names (Empire to Galactic Empire) 3.0
Added Mobile Landing Zone build option for MDU's 3.0
Changed Loading Screen 3.0
Slightly changed main menu 3.0
Changed Menu Battle 4.0
Changed Menu Music 4.0
Changed Most Projectiles so its like the movies or other Video games 4.0
Altered AI to build added in features in Skirmish and the Defence Satellites 4.0
All Factions must now build Space Yards for capital ship production 4.0
Added Mining Ship for all factions 4.0
Added MDU Credit Accumulator
build option 4.0

Slightly Altered the Faction UI so that it no longer displays ZC symbol whn playing as hutts 4.0

i think thats it (may be a few more, just cant think of them)

If you think that the Eclipse is for the wrong faction, then post your comments at the Filefront Forums, on the Thread "Where for the Eclipse to Go?"

Thanks to: Bailknight - Proton Torpedo Model
Keeper_of_faith - Dreadnaught Model, Lucrehulk Model, CC7700 Model
Z3r0x - Vulture Droid Model

KNOWN BUGS: gargantuan and luke are unavailable as hero's when player is rebels in GC - ***fixed with patch***
tybers ship stops moving and stays still until destroyed if too close to enemy when jumps in (Unit tries to bribe too soon)
blast on silris ship sometimes disapeers before firing
Ai doesnt build added units in skirmish and Imp ai only build tractor satelite in space - ***fixed Ver. 4***
Gallofree HTT company not buildable - ***fixed Ver. 4***

PLEASE BE AWARE that the Hutts are not yet programmed in for LAND/LAND CONTROL skirmish and are only available for playing with on the 'Equal Footing' Campaign

if you find any more bugs or errors please tell me!!!

To install, Put the Foc additions folder in the Mods folder in star wars empire at war forces of corruption directory in lucasarts

included is a .ink program, extract this to your desktop and use to start foc additions

click on this to start the mod

If you find a bug, have a question, idea or would like to use a unit we modded then email me at

This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

or knivesdamaster at

This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Don't use any of our work without first getting permission
from either Me or knivesdamaster

Thanks and Enjoy

Size: 31.27 MB
Download link:
FoC Additions (V4.0)

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